At some point, we all realize that we need clarity to achieve the future we long for.


Connecting the dots is the first step in taking purposeful action. But often a lack of time and a multitude of distractions prevent us from moving forward. Discovery is about achieving the perspective necessary to see what is important and how it all fits together.



We all long to make a difference. We know the world will be a better place when we are making use of our skills, passions and relationships to fulfill our unique contribution. Impact is about taking consistent action in line with the difference that you want to make in your world.

I create environments for discovery that lead to impact

I care about the quality and capacity of leaders, leadership teams and organizations that want to make a difference. It’s amazing when a leader or group knows the impact they long to make—and are empowered to pursue it. I provide space for discovery by creating environments of clarity that encourage true reflection and creative thinking. I facilitate impact by designing proactive strategies that bring to life your unique contribution in all areas of life.