Personal Impact

Sometimes in our lives a blurry vision of the future prevents us from moving forward in confidence. Maybe we need clarity on how the person we are connects to the things that we do. Or perhaps we have the tools required for the task, but we don’t know how they relate to each other. A time of intentional reflection allows us to acquire the critical insight to "connect the dots" and have confidence in our next steps.


The Birkman Personality Assessment is is one of the most effective resources available to gain the kind of personal insight that is actually applicable to your life, both personally and professionally. I will guide you to identify your most valuable Birkman insights. As a team, I will facilitate a process that helps you value and leverage each team member’s unique contribution. For those in career transition, the Birkman is also an outstanding tool for gaining insight into what type of work you will find both productive and fulfilling


The Paterson LifePlan™ is a proven process for gaining the personal perspective that leads to action. You will emerge with more self-understanding and confidence for impact. Over two days, I facilitate a customized experience that increases the quality of your perspective, clarity and planning. I will attend to each area of your life—personal, vocational, family, spiritual and community. This gives you a complete assessment of your strengths and longings as well as a plan for taking concrete steps towards the life you want to live.



Effective coaching is a potent strategy for actually achieving your goals. As a trained and experienced coach, I walk with you as you bring to life the personalized plans that emerged from your hard work of discovery.