Organizational Impact

Often actions are misaligned with goals. Like an arrow that’s released just a few degrees off centre, if we continue to do what we are doing now, we won’t hit the mark. What we need is an honest assessment of our daily actions, a plan that makes sense and the courage to redirect our energies. Whether it’s senior leaders, leadership teams or whole organizations, a time of discovery can lead directly to the purposeful impact you want to have.


We need a roadmap to be able to plan a course from today to success. Yet, strategic planning is often overwhelmed by the urgency of our day-to-day realties. I facilitate The StratOp process™ – a strategic planning process with your leadership team where we jointly create a plan that your team owns, installs and manages. This customized plan will fit your financial and operational realities as well as pave the way to achieving your organization’s vision.



In today’s workplace, it’s rare that we are working alone. Increasing the quality and capacity of your team is the pathway to achieving exceptional results. I can walk with you and your team to identify your developmental needs and the essential elements to focus on how to move forward.


The best leaders are always learning. Often we need a space for assessment, an objective voice or some wise counsel. Sometimes we need a skilled sounding board to work out what we already know. As a coach, I create an environment for you to achieve the insight and clarity necessary to lead well.